Our Story

# From Us to Your Happiness

Launched in 2014.

YOUNIQ offers modern jewellery, of high quality at a fair price. Our jewellery designs are inspired by the latest trends and are perfect for everyday wear. We are fully dedicated to providing a delightful shopping and gifting experience.

Our brand tagline "Cherish The Moment" seeks to be an inspiration for everyone to treasure the unrepeatable nature of every moment that has made who you are today. Realise and believe in your potential, eventually it will come into your own way and shine brightly like a diamond.

We love how jewellery is an expression of self, just like how you show up in the world. You should never be afraid to be unique and reveal your own colours.

At YOUNIQ we know that the greatest gift is the happiness of being yourself.

Made with meaning

We think the jewellery you wear should speak to you and say something about you. We have meaningful pieces that step up your look and let you feel good about who you are. Everyday, personal symbols of what matters to you - many can be customisable with personalised engraving.

Made to wear daily

Go ahead, fall in live with our jewellery - it's made to last and hypoallergenic. We use mostly titanium steel and copper which designed stronger, durable so you get high quality keepers you can wear 24/7. We offer lifetime warranty guarantee on metal of your worry free shopping with us!

Made for an honest price

We axed the middleman, selling right to you without ridiculous markups. So you get exceptional craftsmanship at a crazy good value. All our pieces are designed with a whole lot of care with ethical business practices.