Who We Are

Our mission

We believe in the power of collective actions; even the smallest efforts can shape a profound influence on our community's welfare.

We are grateful for the impactful changes we've achieved, fueled by the unwavering support and active engagement of our amazing YOUNIES. Thanks for joining us on this empowering journey as we continue to make a difference, one step at a time.

We are not quite there yet, but swapping out plastic for paper is an exciting milestone in our journey


Packing helps us get our products to you safely, reducing damage, waste and disappointment. But our packing shouldn't cause more damage than it prevents. Our planet is paying the price and we needs to do things differently. That's why we are working to change the way we package our products to be as future-friendly and efficient as possible.

We constantly improve on our packaging material to be more sustainable that is better for both the customer and the environment, including designing reusable & recycle paper bag & other packaging. It is still a long way to go since we need to continue working on replacing the use of plastic throughout our logistics supply chain. But by introducing this new packaging we are creating a small impact by replacing the plastic bag with a paper solution. This is a small step on a long journey.

Our Efforts

We love adding a little power cheer to others

Love, Autism

We joined hands with NASOM - The National Autism Society of Malaysia to empower children with autism thru self-expression. Our campaign showcased their art on our white jewellery paper boxes, creating 2810 unique artworks. These were sold with YOUNIQ jewellery, in supporting NASOM's operations, awareness programs, and helping the children and their families. Togather, we fostered understanding and acceptance for autism in the community, spreading love and creativity while making a positive impact!

Aug, 2020